This privacy policy ("Privacy/Policy") applies to online portals owned and operated by company Gepards @ Madison spol. s.r.o. ("Operator / Owner"), including ("site/website/portal/legalwe").

Portal users, individuals who are not business entities ("users"), provide their personal information voluntarily in order to use the website or its part and to carry out the action/s on it and confirm, that they became familiarized with these terms prior providing their personal information. By using this site, users express their consent with these principles and terms and agree to the processing of their personal data, which they provided to or through operator's portal. The users share via legalwe only such information that is inevitably necessary to make the necessary action, such as first and last name or telephone number and email address shared at registration, completion of forms or requests or questions ("personal information/data").

The Operator reserves the right to change the provisions of this Privacy policy. The Operator will communicate P

olicy changes by their publication on the portal by indicating the date of such update.


Processing, storage and protection of personal data

The Operator in respect to processing and protection of personal data adheres to Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On Personal Data Protection Act no. 480/2004 Coll., as amended. The operator is registered with the Office for Personal Data Protection Czech Republic under registration number: 00055473. Operator processes and uses personal information from the users solely for the purpose of allowing them use of the purpose of the operator's portal, in order to communicate with the users and to ensure communication and connection between the users and the service providers. Further, also in order to send the news, newsletters, content of the portals owned by the Operator, Operator's or third-party service providers' marketing events and campaigns, or technical information about the functioning of the operator portals or other activities related to the operation of the portal.

Personal information is stored in a database of the Operator and are not made available or provided to other persons or third parties, except for:

a) disclosure of data that the user provided via Operator's portal to service providers, in the context of a particular interest in a service published on the portal, and where the service is provided by third parties

b) disclosure of data to employees or collaborators of the Operator

c) disclosure of data to third party data processors, with which the Operator has a written agreement on the processing of personal data

d) where it is required by the law to meet legal obligations

e) disclosure to contractors whose services are essential for the proper functioning of the Operator portals.

All of the above mentioned entities are obliged to protect the personal information in accordance with the laws on protection of personal data.

Employees, co-workers or data processors of the Operator as mentioned above, may be located outside of the European Economic Area. In such case, the Operator may provide personal information to third parties outside the European Economic Area in accordance with the rules on transfer of personal data outside of the EEA and the users provide express consent with such transfer.

The right to access, correct or delete personal data

A user, whose personal data is processed by the Operator, has the following rights:

a) for information regarding the processing of its personal data

b) for correction of personal data or removal from databases and systems of the Operator, if not handled in accordance with relevant legislation

c) the right to unsubscribe from messaging and direct marketing relating to the Operator's activities

  User can withdraw provided consent by sending a written request to the operator:

Operator's Liability

Operator is not responsible for compliance with privacy and data protection rules of third parties, including service providers, in relation to users ‘personal data if they were made available to third-party operators / administrators of the portals which link to from the operator's website, or by those who present, provide or advertise services on the operator's site or by the services providers. The Operator is not responsible for the content of communication between the service providers and the users. The Operator under any circumstances cannot be liable for legal or other information, advice or services provided by the service providers to users via or in connection with Operator's portal or information published by them on the Operator’s portal.

The validity and effectiveness of the Privacy policy

This Privacy policy is in effect from March 1, 2015.

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