How It Works

What is Legalwe app?

The Legalwe app is an app that gives the conventional legal industry the opportunity to adapt to the modern world of technology in some great ways. With the world quickly transitioning to the mobile and online space for accessing different kinds of professional and personal services, it is only expected that individuals would desire quick legal aid online too.

Do you have legal needs?

Legalwe serves as a global directory of legal professionals that helps clients find efficient lawyers. It also focuses on connecting users with lawyers and attorneys online and enables them to work together to address their specific legal issues. 

Connecting people in the legal profession.

Legalwe serves as a global directory of legal professionals, legal providers, legal support providers, recruiters and other professionals (writers, web developers, editors, contract managers etc.) who are in some way related to the legal profession and offers the ability for such professionals to contact and be contacted, promote services, meet and work online.

An online marketplace with safe pay!

Receive jobs, post offers online, connect with potential clients in a workroom, receive online payments and make the process of providing legal support smooth and quick.

Do you have legal staffing needs?

Not surprisingly, along with all these, the app on its specialized platform helps staffing companies to advertise when they are looking for professional legal candidates.

A global marketing platform

Paid membership allows creating full profiles and using the LegalWe app as a marketing platform for such membership holders. Create and manage your profile, share it via social media, post blog posts, see your profile statistics and more.

Did we say “blog”?

Yes! This brings practical legal information to businesses, law firms and individuals on topics such as legal technology, marketing tools, PR articles related to law firms, legal tips and info for businesses, news on legislation around the world, etc. The articles are written by LegalWe bloggers along with those holding paid membership. As a paid member you have an obvious advantage and need not maintain your own website or pay to publish your articles!