What is the purpose of Legalwe?

The purpose of the Legalwe site is to make it as easy as possible for anyone with real legal needs to find a lawyer or get an advice or get a legal job done, easily, online, using the power of the internet.


At LegalWe, you'll find a community of users and providers using the site as a tool to make connections and find the right entity for particular legal needs or legal work.


On the other hand, LegalWe also connect the legal industry world, by providing those who naturally fit in a tool for their promotion and collaboration.


LegalWe connect all various professions within the legal industry globally and serves, besides others, as a collaboration tool and social network. There is so much you can do with LegalWe. And ultimately number one and a must feature is - to be here, to be listed and seen - by potential clientele, co-workers or other providers.


Is Legalwe really free?

There are different levels of membership. Legalwe basic membership for the services providers categories is always free, however the more advanced membership options that provide better usability of the site is paid.


Membership for the users is always free.


If a job is accepted by a provider and work is done through LegalWe portal and paid through this platform, there is a small processing fee which is deducted from the final price of the job.


What is the difference between entering as a user and entering as a member?


LegalWe works on a membership system for legal providers, the other providers and recruiting agencies. All these mentioned categories have also ability to use the site for free within a basic, free membership, but this type of membership has restricted functionality. The paid membership options provide more features and marketing opportunities for the members.

Users, on the other side, may enter and use the site, browse the listings or profiles, post the jobs, for free. There is no paid membership for the users.


How do I know if the members on this site are not fake?

LegalWe only requires a valid email address in order for a user to become a member of this site, as you will not be able to obtain your password without one. This means that in case of the users, there can be some anonymity, however also the users agree to the Terms of LegalWe, which disallow any abuse or harassing other members or any other inappropriate behavior. Needless to say, such users can be removed and permanently banned from membership on this site.

Concerning the Legal Providers and Support Services Providers and Recruiters, these providers are intended to be real companies or professional provider as per the information they state in their profiles and by creating an account and signing up to the website they also agree to the Terms of this website. If the opposite is identified, then there will be consequences in accordance with the Terms. Operator of LegalWe don’t conduct any background checks or proof of reality on its memebrs.


If I forgot my password or username, what do I do?


Fill out the form and request the system for resetting your password. There will be automated link coming to your email, just follow the instructions. You should remember the email, which you used to sign up to LegalWe. This email will be used for password-reset communication.


What if it says my password is incorrect?

There could be several reasons why your password and username are not matching up. Try using your browser's "back" button to return to the log in screen. Clear the fields and enter your information again. If this still does not work, we suggest that you reset your password using the appropriate form. Password protects content of your profile and inbox; please make sure that you keep it safe and don’t provide it to anyone. We don’t have an access to any users’ passwords.

I'm not getting my password or other emails from Legalwe!

Most email providers now routinely employ anti-spam software. Unfortunately, because of the number of emails LegalWe sends out, your email provider might be classifying some LegalWe messages as spam. To make sure that you receive email from other LegalWe members, as well as announcements and updates, please check regularly your spam folder.

Please contact us, if you have any suggestions or feedback regarding features on the site or features that you would like to see on the site.




If you are unable to find answers in the How it Works or FAQ pages, please feel free to send us your questions using the contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks!